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Product Status

Everything new about Wealthica's investment dashboard.

December Product Update

Wealthica Update #37: Ongoing transition from free to paid + many updates!

Wealthica Product Update We're excited to bring you the latest updates on Wealthica's transition to a paid model, a move that has not only been well-received but has also led to significant developments and positive user feedback. The shift to a paid service is enabling us to enhance our offerings and provide a superior experience…

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Resolved: Connectivity Update

The Wealthica data acquisition team is working hard to resolve connectivity issues with select institutions. The affected institutions include RBC Direct Investing, National Bank (Online Banking), TD WebBroker, Raymond James. We used to post only major issues, but we are updating our processes to track the status of all connector issues. You might want to bookmark…

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Major Wealthica Release: Holdings, Add-ons and Now Syncing with 42 Canadian Investment Institutions

Last week marked an important milestone that will shape Wealthica’s future: the release of add-ons. In the last three months, we also major features: new holdings layout, categorizations and additional supported institutions. We’re now syncing with 42 Canadian investment institutions! 0.75.0 "Douglas Adams” The answer to life, the universe and everything. This releases adds support for HSBC…

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Update to TD WebBroker

Updated Feb 21st, 2018 Over the last weekend we started having problems importing data from TD WebBroker. This issue is now resolved. However the session with TD was reset and you will need to re-authenticate to resume the connection. We will be carefully following the situation with TD WebBroker in the next hours and the next days. Thanks…

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