Product Updates April 23 2018

No more Questrade sync problem – fix the connection!

Last week there was an issue with Questrade’s API Tokens and all connections with Questrade accounts have to be fixed. If you are a Questrade user, please log into Wealthica and click on the “Fix It” link next to Questrade in the institutions list in order to make sure Wealthica can synchronize with your account again.


Previous Updates…

This issue is now resolved. Affected users need to log in to Wealthica and re-establish the connection between Questrade and Wealthica.

Over the last weekend Questrade had an issue with their API. This issue has been confirmed by Questrade this morning and has now been resolved.

However, as a consequence of this problem, our systems have lost access to your Questrade account and our connection had to be reset. You should have received a “Syncing with Questrade failed” email earlier today, or over the weekend. If you haven’t done so already, you should follow the link in that email to re-establish the connection between Questrade and Wealthica. Or you can also log in to Wealthica and click the red “Fix it” label next to your Questrade account.