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Investing September 29 2017

Google Finance Axes Portfolio Feature, Wealthica to the Rescue

Google recently announced some changes to Google Finance and its Portfolio features. The full communication from Google can be found here. They announced that from November, the portfolio tracking feature will be discontinued. If you use Google Fi...

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Commented Links September 12 2017

Are robo-advisors risky?

Moneysense's Jason Heath writing about risk and robo-advisors... Robo-advisors are not safe. Nor are they risky. A robo-advisor is simply a type of investment company. Like mutual fund companies. And sometimes people irrationally think mutual fun...

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Commented Links September 01 2017

You have been thinking about momentum investing strategies?

Moneysense writing about Momentum strategies... Momentum strategies involve investing in stocks that have displayed a recent short term positive trend in a certain quality such as price, earnings, profitability, etc. For the most part, momentum co...

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Commented Links August 31 2017

News Links, Finance News Feed and Opinion Posts

We have not been very active on our blog since we launched it but we've been silently pushing some new pages online like our Ultimate Canadian Personal Finance News Feed and the Top Personal Finance and Investment Web Sites you should follow now. Th...

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Journey Updates May 12 2017

Our Fintech Startup Journey to $10B Aggregated Investments

We started building Wealthica in April 2015. At that time, it was all about building something to solve our problem. We had begun investing and weren’t happy with the products available on the market. Since building technology is second natu...

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Journey Updates May 10 2017

A New Web Site, New features and More Updates

Earlier this week I was reading GrooveHQ's blog and their latest post about How an angry email pushed us to start publishing more product updates really got me thinking we definitely have to do better in term of product updates for Wealthica. We r...

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