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Wealthica Product Update #36

Hey Wealthica users! What's been shipped! Over the past few weeks, our dedicated team has been addressing some crucial connectivity issues that arose. Our developers have successfully deployed fixes and updates for Canada Life and PC Financial portals, ensuring seamless integration. If you've encountered any hiccups, we encourage you to reconnect and provide us with…

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crypto tax management blocksentry

Powerful Crypto tax management with the BlockSentry Power-up  

We’re excited to announce a new power-up for Wealthica that allows you to seamlessly integrate your crypto tax management with your overall financial portfolio tracking. The BlockSentry power-up is a robust crypto tax management solution and the integration with Wealthica marks a significant step forward in providing you with a unified platform to effortlessly track, manage and optimize…

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Personal Budgeting and Mint Replacement: Why Wealthica Is the Ultimate Finance Tracking App

In today's dynamic financial landscape, managing personal finances effectively is more crucial than ever. With Mint closing, many Canadians are seeking alternatives that offer greater functionality, reliability, and security. Enter Wealthica – the ultimate Mint replacement that not only meets but exceeds the needs of what a modern-day personal finance app in Canada can do.…

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New Feature: Transaction Rules

Managing your investment transactions just got easier with Wealthica's new transaction rules feature. Follow this step-by-step guide to set up rules that automate the categorization and editing of your transactions, saving you time and effort. Transaction Rules Feature Guide to Setting Up Transaction Rules on Wealthica 1. Navigate to the Transactions Tab: Open the Wealthica…

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Unlocking Financial Connectivity: Wealthica Launches Canada’s Most Comprehensive Financial API

Montreal, January 12th – Wealthica, the leading Canadian wealth tracker, announces a significant milestone in its commitment to revolutionize the financial technology landscape. With an expansive network connecting over 150 Canadian financial institutions and brokerages, Wealthica proudly exposes its wealth and bank API, inviting fintechs, financial institutions, consumer apps, and portfolio management systems to seamlessly…

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