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Wealthica Notifications

Top Wealth Aggregator, Wealthica, adds Vezgo to its Business Solutions

Wealthica and Vezgo, two leading financial and wealth data aggregators, have recently announced their intention to unite their collaboration to create a new B2B-focused brand called Wealthica Business Solutions. The joint venture seeks to provide linked account APIs that cover both traditional finance and Web3 Crypto Data, whitelabel 360-view dashboards, wealth data aggregation & insights,…

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Wealthica Announces Enhanced B2B and Wealth Data Solutions

Wealthica, Canada's top financial aggregation platform, is pleased to announce enhanced institutional and wealth management software solutions, designed to offer institutional partners a cutting-edge solution for their customers. Wealthica offers a robust data engine that provides businesses with comprehensive wealth data. Wealthica's B2B product is specifically designed for wealth managers, family offices and financial institutions that…

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