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We’re millennial money experts, entrepreneurs, investors, and beer drinkers. We believe that Earn. Save. LIVE.

(French) Politics, the major issues of society, culture, travel, and even sport, are all subjects of interest to the bloggers of Le Devoir.

InvestorIntel is one of the most trusted online sources of independent investor information publishing a wide variety of industry-related news.

Learn and plan with money and life tips from Sun Life Financial. Day-to-day saving tactics and planning tips.

Arm yourself with knowledge, protect your finances and ensure that you have reserves for retirement and the rainy days.

Here at Financial Uproar, I have one stated goal — to make you richer. Well, that, and to make you laugh.

Tim tries cutting back to find the perfect balance point between spending money and being happy.

Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a shopaholic and a saver.

A Wealth of Common Sense is a blog that focuses on wealth management, investments, financial markets and investor psychology.

Mike tells his story of trying different investing styles. He’s become a dividend growth investor, but not the classic buy & hold guy.

The Blunt Bean Counter, a blog that shares my thoughts on income taxes, finance and the psychology of money.

Rubina Ahmed-Haq Personal Finance Expert Helping you understand money better.

Baskin Wealth’s believes that the more knowledge we have, the better we can fully participate in growth in the up years, and experience lower volatility in the down years.

Money On Trees has focused on promoting financial literacy among young adults. Through their blog, seminars and various online platforms.

North America’s gateway to Financial Independence writing about building wealth and retirement.

Money We Have is one of Canada’s most trusted sources when it comes to money and travel.

This blog is Michael James attempt to explain financial matters clearly for non-specialists.

My financial activities can often to be a bit controversial. In finance, a one size fits all strategy doesn’t exist.But we learn by broadening our minds.

Educating people about money and personal finance!

Writing about all things financial that we encounter, entertain and embark upon.

Tackling Our Debt is a personal finance website that focuses on your money. Spending money, making money, saving money.

Thirty Six Months, because I read research (I’m nerd like that) that on how it is advisable to be able to pay off all of your consumer debt within thirty six months, otherwise debt fatigue sets in.

A personal finance blog to help Canadians with their RRSPs, RESPs, TFSAs, mutual funds and ETFs.

We feel strongly that there is a need for top quality timeless information.

The information and any statistical data contained herein have been obtained from sources which the author of this blog believes to be reliable.

Helpful and timely personal finance coverage from the Toronto Star.

Modest Money provides insightful investment analysis from a diverse array of investment and financial minds. is an Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) website that provides unbiased and independent financial tools to help you make better financial decisions.

This site provides general info & entertainment & should not be considered financial advice.
Consult an independent financial advisor for your specific situation.

InvestingForMe was developed out of a desire to help individual Canadians gain a greater knowledge, understanding, and control of their savings and investments.

My strategy is to invest in dividend growth stocks in order to reach financial freedom at an early age. My end goal is to have my dividend payments cover my expenses.

We analyse selected Canadian and U.S. stocks and rate them on a scale from Strong Buy to Strong Sell.

It’s about investing your time, your money, and your energy wisely, in order to achieve your goals.

A value investor that uses swing trading techniques to manage his position sizes and risk shares opinions.

Canadian Portfolio Manager Blog helps new and seasoned DIY investors implement and manage their very own ETF portfolio.

Wealth Professional is a free online information resource for all Canadian advice and planning professionals.

Nest Wealth’s blog helps you focus on your long-term goals and transparency in the financial landscape.