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Google Finance Axes Portfolio Feature, Wealthica to the Rescue

Google recently announced some changes to Google Finance and its Portfolio features. The full communication from Google can be found here. They announced that from November, the portfolio tracking feature will be discontinued.

If you use Google Finance to track you portfolio you might be looking for some alternatives. Now that Google Finance is closing its portfolio feature, maybe it’s time to rethink how you track your investments.

We’d like Wealthica to become your favorite portfolio tracking option! We might not offer everything Google Finance offered yet, but we’re listening, sign up for Wealthica and tell us what is missing?

We don’t have quite the same features as Google Finance for now, but we’re working on making the tracking side of Wealthica better every day.

Wealthica is similar to Personal Capital or Mint. We like to call it the Mint for the Canadian Investors. It is currently focussed on Canadian investors and supports a wide range of Canadian financial institutions with automated import of transactions and holdings. No need to maintain your transactions and holdings manually, it all syncs automatically. We also provide consolidated transactions report for all your investments.

Wealthica also allows you to add all your assets: your house, your car, your private investments, your debts to get a full view of your net worth. You can create groups to track transactions per family members, your management company or family trust.

Wealthica is the modern approach to Google Finance and Spreadsheets.

Try Wealthica now, it’s free !