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Wealthica Product Notifications

New: BlockSentry Power-up  

We’re excited to announce a new power-up for Wealthica that allows you to seamlessly integrate your crypto tax management with your overall financial portfolio tracking. The BlockSentry power-up is a robust crypto tax management solution and the integration with Wealthica marks a significant step forward in providing you with a unified platform to effortlessly track, manage and optimize…

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New Feature: Transaction Rules

Managing your investment transactions just got easier with Wealthica's new transaction rules feature. Follow this step-by-step guide to set up rules that automate the categorization and editing of your transactions, saving you time and effort. Transaction Rules Feature Guide to Setting Up Transaction Rules on Wealthica 1. Navigate to the Transactions Tab: Open the Wealthica…

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December Product Update

Wealthica Update #37: Ongoing transition from free to paid + many updates!

Wealthica Product Update We're excited to bring you the latest updates on Wealthica's transition to a paid model, a move that has not only been well-received but has also led to significant developments and positive user feedback. The shift to a paid service is enabling us to enhance our offerings and provide a superior experience…

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