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Resolved: Connectivity Update

The Wealthica data acquisition team is working hard to resolve connectivity issues with select institutions. The affected institutions include RBC Direct Investing, National Bank (Online Banking), TD WebBroker, Raymond James.

We used to post only major issues, but we are updating our processes to track the status of all connector issues. You might want to bookmark this status page where you can also subscribe to notifications.

RBC Direct Investing:

We are now seeing about 65% of RBC DI accounts syncing. We are continuing to tweak the transaction recognition engine rules to sync the remaining accounts successfully. We expect to fully resolve this issue very soon.

National Online Banking :

National Bank implemented new security measures that prevented Wealthica connectors from accessing all their services. We are working with National Bank to resolve this as soon as possible. A big thank you for their collaboration into getting this issue resolved. This issue now only affects National Bank Online Banking. All other National Bank institutions have now been resolved.

TD WebBroker:

Syncs are currently being rate-limited by the institution and so syncs may not work all of the time if too many accounts try to sync at once. Please do not run the sync multiple times as this amplifies the problem. Wait a few hours and make sure you hit sync now only once. TD EasyWeb is also experiencing sync issues. This issue is more complex and our team will continue working to resolve this as soon as the above issues are resolved.

Raymond James:

The website design has changed, which has broken our connector. We are currently working on updating this connector in order to work with the new site design. This issue should be resolved in the next week.

We also have a Reddit thread where you can discuss and provide feedback to us here.