Product Status August 16 2022

Wealthica’s Latest: Connectivity & Recent Fixes

It’s already been 7 years since we founded Wealthica. The last 6 months have been filled with changes and challenges. We launched Vezgo, went through reorganization and hired several new team members. Lately, we have been actively taking steps to raise funds to support the growth of Wealthica & Vezgo.

We owe you this long-due update. 🙏

The State of Connectivity

In the last 6 months, we faced more connectivity issues than we’ve ever had to manage. We had to deal with many changes and increased safeguards at financial institutions.

Fortunately, several financial institutions collaborate with us in order to ensure users have a seamless Wealthica experience, but for others the process is still painful and doesn’t allow us to provide a reliable experience. Hopefully, things will keep getting better as more institutions embrace Open Banking.

We are still struggling with a few connectors, but we fixed a lot of issues lately. The overall sync success rate is getting back to normal. We will soon be able to direct our energy towards adding new connectors you’ve been waiting for like Koho, Questwealth, GoPeer and more!

If you are still experiencing connector issues, get the latest fix updates on our new status page. If the connector you are having problems with is not listed, make sure to notify the support team (Billy & Nikola).

Fintech Passionate?

Our team has been growing fast lately. We know there are great developers and fintech enthusiasts using Wealthica. If you are one of them and you’d like to contribute, get in touch. We are looking for product specialists, users that could help with support and specifically Node.js Backend Developers that would have screen scraping and data aggregation experience.

We’re born remote-first. It does not matter if you prefer working from Thailand or Toronto. Building a unified financial data platform that brings together traditional finance & crypto data from any wallet should be what motivates you, in addition to turning everything green on the status page. Send us your CV.

Mobile App

We are working hard on the release of a rethought version of our Mobile App. The new app should feature a new dashboard and enhanced holdings. It should be ready for release just before the end of summer.

Recent Fixes

We deployed a bunch of fixes recently, here’s a partial recap. If you were having problems with one of the connectors listed here, please try to fix or reconnect it and let us know if it works or if you are still having problems.

✅ Manulife VIP Room
✅ RBC Direct Investing (Support for usernames)
✅ TD Web Broker (Support for App-Based 2fa)
✅ Q-Trade
✅ Tangerine
✅ Canaccord
✅ Fondaction (FTQ)
✅ Canada Life
✅ Great West Life
✅ And more…

We’ll be back with more updates sooner rather than later!