Product Features July 29 2022

Announcing our partnership with APOLLO Insurance

Wealthica is excited to announce our partnership with APOLLO Insurance, Canada’s leading InsurTech provider.

Through APOLLO, you will have access to the best rates for your home, including coverage for:

Condo Owner’s Insurance

  • Up to 2 self-contained suites
  • Property protection up to $150K
  • Condo deductible protection up to $75K
  • Personal liability coverage up to $2M
  • Building or complex must be a Registered Condominium

Homeowner’s Insurance

  • Optional earthquake coverage in BC and ON
  • Property protection
  • Fire department charges covered up to $20K
  • Damage from an emergency entry is covered
  • Special coverage for fine art, jewelry, and wine
  • Personal Liability coverage up to $3M, optional

The above can help protect you and one of your largest investments from a variety of unexpected scenarios, such as:

  • Loss of Contents: With insurance, you won’t have to pay out of pocket if your personal belongings are damaged, vandalised, or stolen.
  • Accidents: You won’t be personally responsible for medical expenses in the event that a visitor to your home gets injured on your property.
  • Property Damage: You’ll be covered for repairs and replacements within your home if there’s a flood or fire that damages your personal items and property.

Purchase your policy today through our easy-to-use online platform and get coverage in minutes. It’s home and condo insurance made effortless!

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