Product Updates June 13 2017

New institutions and Disnat fix

We have been working a lot on our web site lately and still need to complete more web site enhancements. Still we found time to work on new institutions and some small improvements.

v.0.64.0 “Stanley Cup” Release

The Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup again! We were in hockey mood and saw former Montreal Canadian’s GM Serge Savard advertising Assante. It was enough for our dev team to go back to their laptops and code the connector faster than Sidney Crosby on a breakaway.

We also fixed a connectivity problem with Disnat and added preliminary support for Computershare, Investia an EQ Bank. As usual, we completed a few bugs fixes and improvements.

v0.63.0 “One Love Manchester” Release

More web site enhancements. Sorry, that’s not very useful as release note but you can look at our web site and you’ll see what has changed :-). We also fixed some issues with Sun Life and RBC.

v0.62.0 “Chris Cornell” Release

We released a new version of the home page. We are still not totally satisfied we will be testing new versions soon. We also changed the dashboard nav bar color and various bug fixes.

Previous releases….