Product Updates July 25 2017

More Financial Institutions : Support for EQ Bank, Nest Wealth and 2 More

There’s been a lot of rain over Montreal and summer seems to have lost its way to the city. Less sun means less temptations for outdoor activities and more time at the office! We’ve got lots of things going on and we already completed more site enhancements. The most notable additions to the App in June-July are probably the support of 4 new financial institutions.

Here’s the list of releases that took place in the last weeks.

0.67.0 “World Emoji Day” Release

More institutions, more happy Wealthica users. We added support for EQ Bank, Virtual Brokers, Nest Wealth and iA Investia.

0.66.0 “Canada’s 150th” Release

Canada’s 150th would have been a good time to release support for new financial institutions but we had to complete some signup process modifications and onboarding enhancements.

0.65.0 “Summer Solstice” Release

Dashboard widget modifications and exchange rate fixes.