Product Status October 01 2018

Resolved syncing transactions from Questrade

Resolved 2018-10-08. This issue is now resolved. All transactions for Questrade were imported and transactions syncs were re-enabled. We will be closely monitoring the situation in the next days.

Update 2018-10-05: We are still waiting for Questrade to deploy a fix to this issue. They have reconfirmed this morning they are working on a fix and are expecting this issue to be resolved soon. In the meantime account balances and positions continue to be synced normally. This issue only prevents transactions from being imported from Questrade.

Update 2018-10-01: Questrade has found and fixed the issue and they are expected to have a fix to production tonight. We will be running some tests and will be restoring transactions as soon as Questrade solves this issue. Thanks for your patience!

Update 2018-09-21: Questrade is still actively working on fixing the problem with their API. The scope of the bug is slightly bigger than then initially thought and it’s taking them a bit longer to fix. In the meantime transactions syncs for Questrade remain disabled in Wealthica. Account balances and positions are being updated normally.

Update 2018-09-19: Questrade has confirmed the problem on their end and are actively working on this. We have temporarily disabled transactions sync for Questrade. We will re-enable transactions sync as soon as we hear back from Questrade.

Questrade is having a problem preventing us from syncing transactions from them. Accounts are partially synced with balances and positions being updated normally.

Over the weekend we started getting errors from Questrade when importing transactions. This issue only impacts transactions from being synced. Users will notice their Questrade accounts showing as “Rescheduled” in Wealthica with a spinning wheel visible next to it on the dashboard.

Questrade is aware of this issue and is expecting a resolution later tonight or tomorrow. We will update this post as soon as we have an update from Questrade. Thanks for your patience!