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Wealthica Update #37: Ongoing transition from free to paid + many updates!

December Product Update

Wealthica Product Update

We’re excited to bring you the latest updates on Wealthica’s transition to a paid model, a move that has not only been well-received but has also led to significant developments and positive user feedback. The shift to a paid service is enabling us to enhance our offerings and provide a superior experience to our users.

Key Updates:

  1. Transition to Paid Model: Our recent move to a paid model has marked a new chapter for Wealthica. This change is a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality services and has been met with an enthusiastic response from our user community. Thanks to everyone who signed up, you’re showing us it’s worth it to continue!
  2. Surge in New Users from Mint: We’ve seen an influx of new users joining us from Mint, especially following their announcement of closure. We’re delighted to welcome these users to the Wealthica family and are committed to ensuring a smooth transition for them. We posted a Mint Export guide for users that would like to backup their Mint data to Wealthica. We are working on budget feature enhancements. Stay tuned!
  3. User Growth and Positive Feedback: The transition has led to a remarkable increase in sign-ups and a strong base of satisfied users. We’re overwhelmed by the trust and interest demonstrated in Wealthica’s offerings.
  4. Connectivity Improvements: Our team has successfully resolved various connectivity issues, enhancing the stability and reliability of our app. This includes updated integrations with Solium, Canada Life, RBC Direct Investing, and Scotia iTrade, among others. We are still working on TD Easyweb (Core), in the meantime you can use Yodlee’s or Plaid’s version of the connector.
  5. Enhanced Budget Features: In response to user needs, we are working on enhanced budget features, starting with user interface improvements that will make managing transactions more intuitive and efficient.
  6. Stability Enhancements: We have addressed numerous causes of random crashes, significantly improving app stability and performance. First sync rates have been going up lately, hopefully this shows up in your own account.
  7. Mint Data Import Guide: Recognizing the needs of our new users from Mint, we have published a comprehensive guide on how to import Mint data into Wealthica. This guide is designed to facilitate a seamless transition for users switching over.

Looking Forward:

As we celebrate these achievements, we remain focused on addressing ongoing challenges, particularly in terms of connectivity. Our dedication to continuous improvement is unwavering.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our users for their continued support and valuable feedback. Your insights are crucial in shaping Wealthica’s journey towards being the leading financial tracking tool.

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Martin, Billy, Nikola & the Team at Wealthica