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Tactex Global Value Strategy

Did you know that Canadian investors allocated approximately three quarters of their total equity allocation to Canadian equities, although Canadian equities make up only 3% of global equity markets? Reduce your “home bias” overexposure to Canadian equities, real estate and dollar with the Tactex Global Value Strategy.

This strategy seeks to provide the best risk adjusted returns possible through the ownership of fundamentally researched global equities. There are many companies with great underlying businesses that are under-covered in Asia and abroad. With a target allocation of 40% in Asia Pacific, this strategy will unlock exposure to global VALUE stocks that are under the radar due to being too illiquid for ETFs, family controlled and with revaluation catalysts.

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With Top Holdings, alphabetically, including:

  • CSI Properties Limited (0497.HK)
  • E-L Financial Corporation (ELF.TO)
  • Lookers plc (LOOK.L)
  • Nansin Co. Ltd. (7399.T)
  • Pan American Silver Corp CVR (PAASF)
  • Shinoken Group Co., Ltd. (8909.T)
  • Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd (TRQ.TO)
  • ULVAC, Inc. (9385.T)
  • Utoc Corporation (9358.T)
  • Wacker Chemie AG (WCH.DE)

Geographic and sector diversification with a high weighting toward developed markets:

  • 40% Pacific
  • 25% Europe and Middle East
  • 25% Americas
  • 5% Emerging Markets
  • 5% Cash

The Strategy focuses on companies with:

  • Insider ownership
  • Good underlying businesses
  • Owner-operators
  • Compounding rate in the high teens
  • Lower debt levels
  • A history of paying dividends or a capacity to pay one

Who is the Tactex Global Value Strategy for?

The fund is for investor who:

  • Have a 5 year or greater investment horizon
  • Seeking capital appreciation and dividend yield
  • Favour value oriented companies
  • Looking to diversify from what Canadians traditionally hold!


  • Low management fee, no performance fee
  • Low custody, trading & foreign exchange fees
  • Personalized portfolio allocation
  • Gain exposure to global equities that are UNDISCOVERED!
  • Diversify from ETFs and hold global equities that are considered too illiquid for ETFs.

The details:

  • Minimum Investment $40,000
  • Management Fee: 1.00% plus HST
  • Access the fact sheet here

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