Hello from Montréal

We are Wealthica Financial Technology Inc.

Hello, I am Simon Boulet.

We started Wealthica to challenge the status-quo of financial institutions and portfolio advisors. With the dream of simple consolidated investment reports, Wealthica was born.

Building and growing iWeb, an Internet infrastructure company, with Martin Leclair for more than 15 years until it was sold is one of my greatest achievement to date.

Eric, former Desjardins Senior Executive and CEO of Finance Montréal, later joined our leadership team and brought extensive experience in the Finance industry.

We firmly believe you have the right to get the true picture of your investment portfolio. We thrive to bring transparency and simplicity in an industry where fees often have priority over returns.

I sincerely hope you’ll love Wealthica as much as we do.

Wealthica empowers customers to make better financial decisions

As an FDATA member, we provide innovative financial apps and services to empower consumers to make better financial decisions, and to take fuller control over their financial lives. In Canada today, banks control the consumer information. They decide when – and if – they will share the consumer data with competing providers. Wealthica advocates for the government and policy makers to implement best practices to promote customer-centric regulations to delivers financial services.

Meet the Team at Wealthica

  • Simon Boulet

    Simon Boulet

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Eric Lemieux

    Eric Lemieux

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Martin Leclair

    Martin Leclair

    Chief Product Officer

  • Michael-Edward Chwalka

    Michael-Edward Chwalka

    Head of Institutional Partnerships

  • Billy Kawasaki

    Billy Kawasaki

    Head of Product Operations

  • Cody Nguyen

    Cody Nguyen

    Lead Developer

  • Oleg Vysotsky

    Oleg Vysotsky

    Senior Developer

  • Henrik Abonyi

    Henrik Abonyi

    Product Designer

  • Robert Isaev

    Robert Isaev

    Senior Developer

  • Melisa Hernandez

    Melisa Hernandez

    Subscription Support

  • Nikola Grbovic

    Nikola Grbovic

    Subscription Support

  • Allan Tong

    Allan Tong

    Stock Research
    and Analysis

Where to find us?


Wealthica Financial Technology Inc.
1100 René-Lévesque Blvd, 25th Floor
Montréal, Québec, CA
H3B 4N4

+1 514.312.3229

Any question? Contact us!

Email us at hello@wealthica.com or chat with us in real-time using the chat widget at the bottom right of this page.