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Join us in our journey to reinvent the financial services industry

Martin Leclair and Simon Boulet have been building web projects for more than 20 years. Building and growing iWeb, an Internet infrastructure company, for more than 15 years until it was sold is one of the team’s greatest achievement to date. With the dream of simple consolidated investment reports, Wealthica was born. Join us in making it a reality.

The Team

We started Wealthica to challenge the status-quo of financial institutions and portfolio advisors. We firmly believe you have the right to get the true picture of your investment portfolio. We thrive to bring transparency and simplicity in an industry where fees often have priority over returns.

Simon Boulet As Wealthica's CEO, Simon is both a master of business and code. Fortunately, he still favors code.
Martin Leclair Martin is a skillful user experience designer. He makes sure the app will delight you.
Dominic Bouchard Dominic masters French and English like no one else, he makes sure every canadian investor can be delighted by our app.
Cody Nguyen Cody codes at the speed of light and even faster in the dark.
Andrei Baklinau Andrei is an optimization master, he lives for online marketing.
Henrik Abonyi Henrik likes to draw us as cartoons. He's a gifted designer and illustrator.

We hope you’ll love
Wealthica as much as we do

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