Wealthica for your monthly budget

Optimize your spending to focus on savings

The Budget Wizard

Wealthica’s Budget Wizard is a free personal finance tool that lets you instantly track your expenses. You can track your monthly income and spendings, categorize these spendings and income transactions, control your budget and set goals for each category. Know how you spend your money to more effectively control your personal finance. It’s just one click away after you login to Wealthica.

The Budget Wizard

The Budget Spreadsheet

You have your own budget spreadsheet and you like your finance tools to be customizable? Wealthica makes it easier for you to maintain your personal finance spreadsheet with automated synchronization with your bank. Wealthica eliminates data entry so you can manage your budget or personal finance in a spreadsheet 100X faster.

The Budget Spreadsheet

The Budget Templates

Automate your preferred budget templates like magic. Using the Google Spreadsheet Export Power Up or Microsoft Excel Export Power Up or App, Wealthica will work with all the most popular budget spreadsheet templates you can find online. You just need to link your transactions export to your preferred spreadsheet template and everything will update automatically.

The Budget Templates

You’ll Fall in Love with Spreadsheets All Over Again

Whether you need to update your Financial Spreadsheet, track your transactions in a Budget Spreadsheet or keep your Stock Portfolio Spreadsheet in sync with your brokerage, we’ve got you covered.

1. Sign Up for Wealthica

2. Link your financial institutions

3 .Install your preferred Power-Up to enable spreadsheet export


Includes Google Sheets export for FREE and 30% discount on Excel Export.


Enables syncing and exporting your data to Google Sheets.


Import your Wealthica data directly into Microsoft Excel.

4. Load the power-up and link the export power-ups with your Google Sheets or Excel spreadsheets.

Wealthica Data Import add-in available from the Microsoft App Source.

You are ready to go!
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