Investment Portfolios API for Developers

Secure connectivity through our RESTful Web API


A Secure and Simple Way for Developers to Access Investors Financial Data

wealthica api response preview

Investment-specific data

Our API gives access to a collection of investment specific data: accounts balances, holdings, stocks book and market values, transaction history and electronic documents.

Queries for investment products return the symbol, currency, type, name, quantity, book value and market value found in the investment account at the financial institution.

No robot needed

The API reduces code requirements, eliminates the need for data collection robots and speed up your innovation to market. Use the API to build your consolidated investment dashboard, your mobile/desktop application or to bring your current finance software to the next level.

Access to all historical data

Our API provides access to a Data Feed that collects and store securely all the historical data through the Wealthica Personal Dashboard service.

The only Investment Aggregation Platform API in Canada

Financial institution

No other financial aggregation API supports as many Canadian investment services, and we're constantly adding support for new institutions.

Track all historical values

Retrieve any standardized portfolio data, account balances and holding details changes since the user account was created.

Accounts/documents storage

Every accounts, transactions, statements and tax documents are stored in our database and can be accessed through our API.

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