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Build your own Power Ups using Wealthica.js

The easiest way to get going is by having a look at the Wealthica.js library which allows you to extend the Wealthica Web App and develop your own features for the Wealthica user base. Extending Wealthica or building custom reports and add-ons using the Wealthica.js library is available for free. After review, we can also make your add-on available under the Power-Up section.


Here are some Power-Up examples developed by third parties using Wealthica.js

  • Wealthscope


    Powerful analytics to help you better manage your investment portfolios

  • P/L Timeline Tracker

    P/L Timeline Tracker

    Compare your portfolio value against the deposits made by you…

  • Yahoo Finance Export

    Yahoo Finance Export

    Export your stock positions to Yahoo Finance.

  • Passiv Lite

    Passiv Lite

    Passiv Lite helps you keep your investments balanced. Just set a…

  • Microsoft Excel Export

    Microsoft Excel Export

    Export your data directly to Microsoft Excel.

  • Paper Growth

    Paper Growth

    A simple tool to help keep your portfolio balanced.

Wealthica connect

Empower your apps with aggregated financial data

Wealthica collects and aggregates the user’s financial data, holdings and transactions and provides a complete data toolkit so you can focus on your app features, not collecting the user data. Once the users connects their account and authorizes access, you can use the API to manipulate the user data within your own app.

Wealthica api

Full API Access to all Canadian Wealth Institutions

Let users directly connect their investment accounts from over 150 platforms such as Wealthsimple, Questrade, RBC Direct Investing, and BMO InvestorLine. Gain an overview of their accounts, positions, securities and more. The aggregation API and the technology we develop at Wealthica and use to power the Wealthica dashboard are now available. Get in touch with the team at sales@wealthica.com for pricing and details.

Free API access to Fintech Station tenants.

station fintech startup deal

Free API access to Fintech Station tenants.

As an official partner of the Montréal Fintech Station, Wealthica has teamed up with Finance Montréal to offer free access to its API to tenants; meaning Fintech Station startups and developers will have the opportunity to integrate functionalities of Wealthica into their offering.

Wealthica Connect use case

  • A portfolio management tool that integrates with your brokerage account to help you manage your portfolio and keep it balanced.

  • Wealthscope offers robust tools for investing, portfolio building, and retirement planning.

  • An online personal finance software for all Canadians, to manage your finances and to create and test your financial plans.

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