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Wealthica allows you to share a restricted access with your advisor. By sending him an invite, your advisor will be able to create an account on Wealthica and access your dashboard. That way, he will be able to assess your current financial situation without spending hours of his time.

Before sharing any pieces of information, be sure that your advisor is qualified and licensed. It's also important to be clear with him about his hourly rate, and we recommend to keep your assets under your name in a holding or a financial institution.

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Share your investment goals and risk tolerance with your advisor via a single dashboard. By having a complete view of your current financial situation, you'll get better advice, a better mix of assets and allow him to set appropriate goals. Plus, it will both save you money.

Work online with your advisor

Sharing your dashboard with your advisor allows him to see all your investment's performance in one place. That way, it's easier for him to know which part of your investment portfolio is not performing well. By working with your advisor on Wealthica, you'll have better advice, better transparency and reach your benchmarks faster.

Get instant balance sheet

Give your advisor an instant access to your balance sheet for any financing request (i.e. margin, mortgage, credit card, etc.)