Wealthica for advisors

Make your firm their home screen

Give your clients an innovative digital and transparent investing experience.

From Advisor to Wealth Partner

Your clients can share a 360-degree view of all their assets and liabilities. Having access to a client’s entire financial profile – what they have, where it is, how one account relates to another – provides invaluable insight and allows an advisor to leverage that knowledge to deliver comprehensive financial advice.

You’re invited

Let your clients empower you with their full financial picture. They can send you an invitation, and you will be able to access your client's dashboard to have a view of their complete net worth, investment portfolio and valuable assets. This way, you will be able to assess your clients’ current financial situation in no time.

enable advisor

Give your clients a friendly dashboard with your branding and logo

Give your clients access to a complete and user friendly dashboard integrating all of their financial accounts. Get your own whitelabeled version of the Web and/or Mobile Wealthica dashboard apps, customized for you.

A Wealth of Insights

Access a full suite of client reports from income sources and risk exposure to distribution of holdings , consolidated performance and realized gains. Using Wealthica, you can quickly identify which part of your client’s investment portfolio is not performing well, whether they're assets you have under management or not.

Give better advice

Gain access to a holistic view of your client's net worth to provide personalized and strategic advice and to deliver impactful financial planning. Wealthica empowers you to give better advice, establish a better mix of assets and set appropriate goals. That’s not all, you’ll offer better transparency and reach your clients’ benchmarks faster.

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