Wealthica for financial institutions

Fully Integrated Dashboard and 360 View for Institutional Partners

Drop our whitelabeled module into your app or banking portal

We deliver a customized dashboard that fits your brand, focussed on your own brands’ divisions or consolidating hundreds of investment or bank accounts. Your users will be able to connect their accounts and add their assets to build their own 360° personal finance dashboard.

Wealthica's white label solution offers a customized dashboard and 360 View branded with your logo and fully integrated into your platform.

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Institutional Partner

Become a primary financial hub with a complete dashboard integrating all of your clients financial accounts

Because our dashboard enables individuals to see all of their financial accounts in one place, it's among the best methods an institution can use to become a primary financial hub.

A Wealth of Insights

We aggregate every ownable asset giving your clients a true 360 view of their financial lives — from income sources and risk exposure to distribution of holdings , consolidated performance and realized gains.

A Wealth of Insights

Empower the wealth management process

Gain access to a holistic view of your client's net worth to provide personalized and strategic advice and to deliver impactful financial planning. Wealthica empowers you to give better advice, establish a better mix of assets and set appropriate goals. That’s not all, you’ll offer better transparency and reach your clients’ benchmarks faster.

Empower the wealth management process

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