Free dashboard and paid add-ons !

Consolidate all your investments into a simple dashboard FREE

(That’s an unbeatable 0$ per month)

Link an unlimited number of accounts from supported financial institutions and add as many assets as you wish for free. Holdings view, transactions alerts and a set of basic reports are also available in the free tier.

Transactions Alert
Cash Drag Alert
Link Institutions
Archive Statements
Default Reports
And more!

Google Sheets Export

/ month


Google Spreadsheet Export Add-On

Automatically update your investment spreadsheet each day. Export and synchronize your transactions and holdings automatically using the Google Spreadsheet Export add-on. Only $5.99 per month.

Stock Scanner

/ month


Third-Party Add-Ons

Developers like ShareAlpha can enhance the features of Wealthica using the add-ons marketplace. ShareAlpha a powerful stock screener you can optionally add to Wealthica for a small monthly fee.


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It’s free? How do you make money?

Your credentials are needed to establish a secure connection between Wealthica and your financial institution. This allows us to collect your financial data and build your Wealthica dashboard and reports. Read the information above to learn more about how we collect your investment data securely.

How does Wealthica makes money?

We built Wealthica for us and are using it daily to track our personal investments. We plan to monetize the Wealthica Dashboard by offering paid add-ons in the future. We also, offer a paid version of the Wealthica API that allows financial technology software providers to offer custom dashboards and use our data collection and aggregation technology to power their in-house software.