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Wealthica + Montréal Fintech Station = Free API Access

Great news for the Fintech ecosystem in Canada! ?

Free Wealthica API Access

Montréal Fintech StationAs an official partner of the Montréal Fintech Station, Wealthica has teamed up with Finance Montréal to offer free access to its API to tenants; meaning Fintech Station startups and developers will have the opportunity to integrate functionalities of Wealthica into their offering.

Finance Montréal, a major financial cluster since 2010, has recently announced the launch of the Montréal FinTech Station, thanks to the support from its institutional members as well as Quebec’s Ministry of Finance (Ministère des Finances du Québec).

The FinTech Station’s goal is to :

Support the development of new financial technology businesses and promote the digital transformation of major financial institutions.

Ready to accommodate 25 to 35 startups

Office space fintech station

The new physical space, located at 4 Place Ville Marie (in the heart of downtown Montreal), boasts a 25,000 square feet surface; spreading across two floors. It can accommodate 25 to 35 startups and offers more than 140 workstations. At the time of writing, about 20 companies have signed up to occupy the premises. “The Station” offers many customized services for ambitious Fintech startups: “professional and technological services, training and coaching, financial industry networking activities, business growth support — at a competitive price in a modern space close to major Québec financial institutions.”

Check out the Montréal Fintech Station launch (Video – In French)

Wealthica + Fintech Station = FREE API

Wealthica API

Through this partnership with Finance Montréal, Wealthica is offering Fintech Station residents free API access for up to 100 users. For these startups, more specifically, that could translate into:

  • Access to financial data to quickly build new products or MVPs.
  • Explore new opportunities to add financial account aggregation to existing apps or products.
  • Importing investment account data including holdings and transactions to existing apps.
  • Access to over 80+ Canadian financial institutions.

Our role in the Canadian Fintech community

We intend to actively participate in the Fintech Station community, organizing events and Meetups around Open Banking and related technologies. Of course, such will be a good opportunity to explain how to use our API.

Startups which currently use or integrate with the Wealthica API include :

Wealthscope: Hailing from Toronto, Wealthscope is a promising startup that offers a suite of portfolio tools and comprehensive analytics.

Hardbacon: A Montreal-based startup which launched a mobile app that syncs with online brokerages, analyzing its users’ portfolios and providing them with data and tools to become better self-directed investors.

More information can be found on the official Montréal Fintech Station website.