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Wealthica Announces Enhanced B2B and Wealth Data Solutions

Wealthica, Canada’s top financial aggregation platform, is pleased to announce enhanced institutional and wealth management software solutions, designed to offer institutional partners a cutting-edge solution for their customers. Wealthica offers a robust data engine that provides businesses with comprehensive wealth data.

Wealthica’s B2B product is specifically designed for wealth managers, family offices and financial institutions that want to offer their customers a comprehensive financial management platform. Wealth managers can become a primary financial hub with a complete dashboard integrating all of their client’s financial accounts. The product enables partners to brand the platform with their own logo and customize it to fit their unique requirements.

The wealth data solution comes with advanced features such as account aggregation, investment tracking, budgeting tools, and reporting capabilities. It offers a complete overview of a client’s finances, making it easier for partners to provide their customers with better financial insight, personalized investment advice and recommendations. It also acts as a self-service portal for their customers.

Wealthica provides family offices, wealth managers and financial institutions with robust data management tools that ensure accurate and up-to-date financial information. The data engine includes various data sources, including financial institutions, manual tracking and alternative investments.

“We are thrilled to announce our wealth data solution, which provides partners with a modern and customizable solution for their customers,” said Billy Kawasaki, General Manager of Wealthica. “Wealthica’s platform has already helped many individuals manage their finances more efficiently, and we are excited to extend the platform to financial professionals.”

The B2B wealth data solution is available immediately, and financial institutions can learn more about the platform by visiting the wealth data solution website.