Press Release May 02 2022

Wealthica and Mogo’s Tactex Division Partner to Feature Unique Investment Opportunities

Wealthica, the leading Financial Data Platform has partnered with Tactex, a division of Mogo Asset Management Inc, to feature Tactex’s investment strategies. Tactex has deep and proven experience in sourcing high quality investment opportunities.

Wealthica is offering users two unique investment opportunities: the Tactex Global Value Strategy and the Tactex Private Investment Opportunities.

The Global Value Strategy seeks out companies with a history of generating positive cashflow and are identified as undervalued based on their fundamentals. With the majority of its geographic allocation outside of North America, this strategy provides a strong diversification for the typical Canadian, whose portfolio often exhibits a home bias toward Canadian stocks and real estate.

For accredited investors, Private Investment Opportunities give access to high quality businesses before they are available to the public. Tactex has a successful track record with strong deal flow of private investment opportunities.

“We’re proud to offer Wealthica users alternative investment vehicles that can help diversify portfolios further. The two investment opportunities are quite unique from what Canadian investors would normally have access to,” stated Billy Kawasaki, Wealthica’s General Manager.

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