Tactex Private Investment Opportunities

More high growth businesses are staying private for longer

Wealthica is partnering with Tactex Asset Management to offer high quality private-equity investment opportunities. Tactex has deep and proven experience in sourcing high quality private equity investment opportunities in growing sectors. Get access to high quality businesses before they are available to the public. We are proud to offer accredited users of Wealthica an exclusive opportunity with Tactex.

Tactex’s private investment opportunities have a successful track record with strong deal flow. Tactex always co-invests with clients and is highly selective in investment selection. Risk management is the priority – our due diligence process is extensive.

There is no obligation to participate in a round and there is no commitment of capital unless you decide to invest in a private equity opportunity. Simply sign up to be notified when there is a private equity investment opportunity.

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Examples of past deals the Tactex team invested in include:

  • Materials: September 2020 - present TSX-V listed battery metal mining company 260% ROR;
  • E-Sports: February 2021- present private Canadian esports book, IPO announced at 71% premium to private round.

Current deals include:

  • Healthcare: Private Canadian biopharma firm led by world-class management team;
  • Technology: Private Canadian fintech - co-investors include significant institutional investors.

As with all investing, risk management is extremely important, Tactex portfolio managers work closely with clients to ensure that position sizes are suitable for their long-term investment objectives. Ultimately our role is to connect investors with the capital, talent and ideas building great businesses.

Who are the Tactex Private Investment Opportunities for?

The fund is for investor who:

  • Are accredited investors;
  • Want to participate in early stage GROWTH;
  • Want exposure to private equity;
  • Seeking capital appreciation.


  • Proven track record of high growth;
  • 100% success rate;
  • Exclusive access to WORLD CLASS investment opportunities BEFORE they are available to the public;
  • Personalized position size;
  • Risk management: all investments subject to extensive due diligence;
  • Co-invested money managers.


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