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Wealthica Update #35: Investia, Edward Jones, and more!

Hey Wealthica users!

What we fixed…

This week, we fixed an outage where 2FA requests failed to show up for some users. This issue affected many institutions, and our dev. team did necessary changes to make sure this doesn’t happen again. We also had some issues with IA connectors (specifically Private Wealth and Investia). For Investia, users action is needed in their portal, and then it should work normally in Wealthica. We also pushed a few fixes for PW, which should rectify the issue. The issue with CI Direct Trading has been resolved for most users, we are still checking a few specific cases, and if you experience any issues let us know.  Our dev. team also fixed an issue which affected some Edward Jones users due to problems with positions’ parsing. Everything should be up and running as expected now. 

We fixed a few stock ticker symbol issues, and in case you have any issues with this, let us know as we are quick with resolving these type of issues.

What we’re working on…

Regarding connectors, we are still working on some issues with Shakepay connector, which is affecting all users. Vezgo dev. team is investigating this, and we will have an update next week. We are also working on an issue with Motive Financial due to them introducing 2FA. Since Motive is a part of our Yodlee connections, we forwarded this issue to them and they are investigating. We are also pushing some fix attempts to make EasyWeb, FTQ and CIBC connectors more stable. 

As always, you automatically benefit from all Crypto API features released by our partner Vezgo. They just released fixes and major platform stability improvements. We’re unstoppable! (Okay, maybe just slightly stoppable, but we’re trying our best!).