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Wealthica Product Update #36

Hey Wealthica users!

What’s been shipped!

Over the past few weeks, our dedicated team has been addressing some crucial connectivity issues that arose. Our developers have successfully deployed fixes and updates for Canada Life and PC Financial portals, ensuring seamless integration. If you’ve encountered any hiccups, we encourage you to reconnect and provide us with feedback on any lingering issues. Additionally, we resolved an issue affecting Desjardins Disnat users, rectifying discrepancies in holdings reporting. Your portfolio should now sync and reflect holdings accurately. Please be sure to check the status page for the latest updates on connector status.

Shifting the focus to the realm of cryptocurrency, we are always working on enhancing the stability and performance of our Binance connector with ongoing updates and fixes. Also, efforts are underway to address reported discrepancies in NDAX transactions, assuring a smoother experience for users.

We fixed a few stock ticker symbol issues, and in case you have any issues with this, let us know as we are quick with resolving these type of issues. We are continuously improving our mobile application, and new updates are coming frequently, so make sure that you are running the latest version of the app!

There are a host of new features on the dashboard since the last product update, including transaction rules, including the addition to revert edited transactions to their original details and the new budgeting wizard 2.0.

What we’re working on

The dev. team is currently working on a major Budget power-up revamp with new exciting features and fixes. If you are migrating from Mint or just want to take control of your budgeting keep an eye out for the new update which is coming very soon! We recently added a transaction rules feature that made managing your investment transactions a lot easier with Wealthica. Our Budget power-up update will just continue to elevate your financial management experience, providing you with even more tools and capabilities to seamlessly track and optimize your budget, income, and expenses.

Regarding connectors, we are still working on some issues with Manulife Securities and their new portal changes. The team is working on a rewrite and you can track the issue on our Status page. Additionally, we are pushing a few fixes for the Shakepay connector, which should make it more stable and sync well. We started rewriting the Canaccord connector to implement new changes, and you can track our progress on the Status page. We are aware that the CIBC Bank connector may not be as stable and have syncing and account issues. If you experience any, please try our Plaid connector which has a PLAID flag next to it. We are also considering our Core CIBC connector, but we cannot provide an ETA for it at the moment.

As always, you automatically benefit from all Crypto API features released by our partner Vezgo. They just released fixes and major platform stability improvements. We’re unstoppable! (Okay, maybe just slightly stoppable, but we’re trying our best!).