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NEW: Transaction Rules Feature and Guide

Managing your investment transactions just got easier with Wealthica’s new transaction rules feature. Follow this step-by-step guide to set up rules that automate the categorization and editing of your transactions, saving you time and effort.

Transaction Rules Feature Guide to Setting Up Transaction Rules on Wealthica

1. Navigate to the Transactions Tab: Open the Wealthica web application and navigate to the Transactions tab. This is where you’ll access your transaction history and set up new rules.

2. Select Transactions: Use the filters at the very top of the Transactions tab to narrow down the list of transactions you want to set up a rule for. You can filter by account, date range, and many other values to find the specific transactions you need.

3. Click on Create a Rule: Once you’ve selected the transactions you want to create a rule for, click on the “Create a Rule” button to begin setting up your rule.

4. Assign a Name: Give your rule a descriptive name that helps you identify its purpose easily. This will make it simpler to manage and reference your rules in the future.

5. Set Filters: Make sure the filters are set exactly as you want them and confirm the period for which you want the rule to apply. This ensures that the rule will only affect the transactions you specify.

6. Set Up Actions: You can add multiple actions to a single rule to customize how your transactions are edited. Choose from actions such as categorizing transactions, adding tags or notes, or modifying transaction details.

7. Check Matched Transactions: After setting up your rule, Wealthica will show you the transactions that match the criteria you’ve defined. Review these matched transactions to ensure they are the ones you want the new rule to apply to.

8. Apply to Future Transactions: Decide whether you want the rule to apply to all future transactions that meet the specified criteria. This option allows you to automate the management of similar transactions going forward.

9. Confirm Creation: Once you’ve reviewed and confirmed all the details of your rule, click the confirmation button to create the rule. Your new transaction rule will now be active and applied to the specified transactions.

If you accidentally apply a rule to transactions, you can use the “Revert to original” rule. Just be sure to set the filter to the correct ones in order to target the edited transactions. Then, apply the rule.

With Wealthica’s transaction rules feature, you can streamline your investment transaction management and ensure greater accuracy and efficiency in your financial record-keeping. Experiment with different rules to find the configurations that work best for your financial goals and preferences.