Investing June 08 2020

Banking+Investment: Effortlessly Track All Accounts In One Place

We’re bringing you even more ways to effortlessly track all accounts in one place.

Late last year, we quietly introduced support for banking institutions as a beta, so you could track your global wealth across all your financial accounts. This feature enables you to add your regular bank accounts, credit cards, and investments you hold within banking portals alongside the investment portfolio tracker features you’re already used to on Wealthica.

This was heavily requested by many of you, and we’ve been hard at work to make it possible. ?

Tracking 140+ Financial Institution and Counting

It’s now even easier to track all your financial accounts with support for both banking & investing financial institutions. Whether you want to track index funds (ETFs), mutual funds, stocks, spending or bank accounts, chances are Wealthica can connect. With support for 140+ Canadian financial institutions, Wealthica is Canada’s largest Canadian finance aggregator and the only one with a focus on investments.

Banking Accounts + Investment Accounts

Track All Financial Accounts

Integrating a lot of new banking data into an investment-focused portal comes with some challenges and the division between banking and investing is still not optimal within Wealthica. We are working hard on developing filtered views for you to view banking and investing separately and for our email notifications to also allow for you to receive the details separately.

With the forthcoming versions of Wealthica, you’ll be able to have a better separation of investments and regular banking, so you can keep track of your transactions more clearly.

Out of Beta: TD EasyWeb, RBC Online Banking and Desjardins AccèsD !

Financial Accounts TD RBC Desjardins

We are happy to move the account connector for TD EasyWeb, RBC Online Banking and Desjardins AccèsD out of BETA. This means the connector is stable and has proved to work pretty well.

More reasons to call it Amazing!

The search that finally lead me to Wealthica was “App to track a Canadian Mutual Fund”. Until I used the word “Canadian” all the lists of apps that came up just tracked individual stocks or some of the popular US index. When I got to Wealthica and all I had to do was sign in to my different accounts… it was AMAZING!

Now with support for banking, there’s even more reasons to call it amazing!

More Ways to Track All Accounts in One Place

You can connect your banking institutions right now using the “Add Investment” button.

Wealthica will import accounts, balances, holdings and transactions for most institutions. While some institutions are still identified as BETA, each institution is safe and secure to use and connect.

The BETA tag means support for the institution can be limited or some issues like frequent disconnection could happen.

Help us enhance the BETA connectors by connecting your accounts and letting us know of any issues you detect. The ability to track all bank accounts will help you get a more holistic view of your overall financial health and bring all your financial accounts under one roof.

Bringing Support for More Financial Accounts Faster

In order to bring support for more financial institutions to Wealthica faster we recently created and separated our connectors into two different collections :

  • Wealthica ☉Core : Investment-focused
  • Wealthica ♾Expand : Brings support for new FIs to Wealthica faster

Wealthica ☉Core
Track All Financial Accounts

Most Investment-related connectors are from the Wealthica ⌾Core collection, developed internally and exclusively for Wealthica. We can resolve issues with those connectors faster as it’s developed by our own internal dev team. We are regularly adding connectors to the Core collection, but we rely on Expand connectors to bring new financial institutions to Wealthica faster. Wealthica ⌾Core focusses on aggregation for investment accounts.

Wealthica ♾Expand
Track More Bank Accounts

In order to bring support for new financial institutions to Wealthica faster, especially for banking portals, we created the Wealthica ♾Expand collection of connectors. Those connectors use third-party APIs to connect to the financial institutions.

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Bring your Bank + Investment Accounts Together in One Place

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