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Now Tracking $4.5B, Banking Beta Testing, Wealthsimple Trade and More!

Wealthica PU October

Let’s start with some great news:

We are now tracking more than $4.5B in aggregated investments!

That’s a lot of zeros : $4,500,000,000

Now Tracking 4.5 Billion in Aggregated Investments

Thank you all for trusting us with your investing data.

With your support, we’ve reached $4.5B in aggregated investment value and it won’t stop getting better. Hopefully, we’ll be tracking $10B at the same time next year. With your help, we will make it happen (so tell your friends about Wealthica!).

We feel we haven’t been communicating enough lately.

Today, we are starting a new Wealthica Product Update series that we will publish each month.

Sure we get to exchange a few emails with new users but there’s so much going on at Wealthica that we should be sharing the good news more often. The app is updated at least once a month with new features, new institutions support and bug fixes that we feel we should communicate better with you! That’s why starting today, we’ll make sure to share a product update post each month.

Let’s start…

We know you want support for new institutions (all of them!) and many of you requested support for banking portals in addition to investment portails.

The good news: support for banking is almost ready!

Support for Banking Institutions [in beta]

Beta Support for New Institutions

One of the most requested features on Wealthica is support for banking portals.

We heard you and we are happy to announce that support for the most popular Canadian banking institutions is almost ready for prime time. You can help us test the connectors now, since everyone can be part of the beta testing period.

As there are external costs involved, we are thinking about making banking institutions support part of a new paid subscription (Premium) we would like to introduce. Would you mind paying a small fee to join Wealthica Premium if it included support for a wide range of banking institutions and additional features? What features would you like to see in a Wealthica Premium bundle?

Here’s a list of banking institutions currently supported for free under the beta program:

  • TD Easyweb
  • Desjardins AccesD
  • RBC Banking
  • CIBC Banking
  • Simplii
  • Alterna Bank
  • PayPal
  • Canadian Tire Bank (Triangle)
  • Scotia Banking

You will find these institutions under the “Add Investment” window in Wealthica. You can try to add them now for free. Help us bring additional banking institution support to Wealthica by telling us what banking institutions you would want us to support. We’ll send you a special link to add the banking institution so you can help us find any bugs and make the connector perfectly reliable.

Support for New Investing Institutions [Live]

Support for New Institutions

We like to give our Wealthica releases news-related names. We called our of our last Wealthica app update the “Bianca Andreescu” release. It featured the addition of support for :

  • Wealthsimple Trade (More details below!)
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Desjardins DFS Investments
  • Desjardins Insurance Retirement (GRS)
  • Computershare Exempt Market

Also available in Beta…

  • Fidelity Clearing
  • Edward Jones
  • Morgan Stanley StockPlan Connect
  • Credential Securities
  • Solium Shareworks

Support for Wealthsimple Trade [Now Available]

Wealthsimple Trade Now Supported

Many of you requested support for Wealthsimple Trade.

There is a Reddit thread on Wealthsimple’s Reddit Board where users requested Wealthica integration. Wealthsimple heard you and made Wealthsimple Trade data available to Wealthica through a secure API. It’s ready and it works great.

It’s great to see a financial institution listening to user feature requests. We had great collaboration from Wealthsimple to implement this new feature, big thumbs up to them. ?

Tell Questrade you want support for Questwealth !

Requested : Support for Questwealth

We also received many requests for adding support for Questwealth Portfolios. So far, Questrade hasn’t been very responsive to that request.

Please help us by contacting Questrade and telling them you want their API to report Questwealth data. If you are interested, go up vote the Questwealth+Wealthica (API) Reddit thread on Questrade’s subreddit and post your comments to show you want it.

Do you want Wealthica to support Questwealth Portfolios?
Go to the Reddit Thread for Questwealth support within Wealthica, vote it up, post your comments and tell Questrade it’s important for you they make the Questwealth data available through their API.

Premium Offerings

Wealthica Premium

As some of you already know, we also run Stockchase. Last week, we launched a new version of Stockchase Premium our Daily Stock Picks newsletter with experts ratings. If you want to support our work and you are not yet subscribed to Stockchase, you can signup for the free newsletter here and have a look at upgrading to Premium here.

But that’s not all… we’re getting ready to Launch Wealthica Premium

We are working on Wealthica’s own Premium subscription.

We are not decided on the exact set of features but it should add support for banking institutions, include the Google spreadsheet export add-on and other additional features. We might also bundle Stockchase Premium with Wealthica Premium so you get both for a single price.

What features would you like to see in Wealthica so much, that you would be willing to subscribe to Premium? Tell us, we’ll try to make it happen !

Thanks a lot for reading and for supporting Wealthica,

Simon and the whole team!