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Wealthica Launches New Tool to Help Canadians Prepare for Tax Season, Now Aggregating $18B in Assets

tax season

Wealthica, the leading Financial Data Platform in Canada, launches a new tool to help Canadians prepare for tax season. Canadians now track over $18 billion dollars worth of assets, including stocks and bonds, real estate, cryptocurrencies and more on the platform.

Wealthica launches the Registered Contribution Tracker. This feature enables users to better track and manage contribution goals to RRSPs, TFSAs and other registered accounts. The latest feature joins existing tools that empower traders and investors to see their adjusted cost basis, realized gains, and investment income to report an accurate amount for taxes all in one place. Wealthica can even help with reporting cryptocurrency capital gains, and keeping track of the many transactions related to cryptocurrency trading.

“We’ve quickly grown to more than 50,000 users and $18B in aggregated assets. It’s a testament to the real need to get a holistic view of your finances. Canadians hold multiple accounts across many different institutions, and consumer directed finances, otherwise known as Open Banking, is key to financial success,” noted Billy Kawasaki, General Manager of Wealthica. “Wealthica is the ultimate 360° tracker. We can see that investors are taking their financial data and utilizing it in meaningful ways.”

Reporting investment outcomes across multiple institutions is made easy with Wealthica’s aggregation technology. With tax season just ahead, Canadians will find a host of useful tools when filing their taxes.

The $18 billion tracked assets puts Wealthica on track on the journey to $100 billion dollars.

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