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Connect your Wealthica

We’ve been working hard to enhance our product capability and our aggregation offering for developers and other Fintech apps for Canadians. If you are a developer, have a look at Wealthica for Developers.

We are happy to announce 3 third-party apps that now work with Wealthica.

Third-Party Apps that Work with Wealthica

Connect your Wealthica allows third-party apps to connect with your Wealthica account and use your data for a variety of neat functions. The connection is established after you authorize the application to access your data through a secure API for complete peace of mind.


Passiv is a portfolio management tool that integrates with your brokerage account to help you manage your portfolio and keep it balanced. If you have already linked your brokerage account with Wealthica, it’s a breeze to import your investments to Passiv and start managing your entire portfolio. You can group multiple accounts under a single target, handle investments across multiple currencies, and more!

Best of all, if you have a Questrade account, you can upgrade to Passiv Elite for free! If you don’t have a Questrade account, create one using our link and get $50 in free commissions. Passiv Elite allows you to place orders and rebalance your account in a single click.

Try out Passiv today!

Wealthscope – Advisor Edition Platform

Wealthscope offers robust tools for investing, portfolio building, and retirement planning. For Retail Investors, Wealthscope is already available as a Power Up within Wealthica. What’s new, is they have integrated with Connect your Wealthica for their newly revamped Advisor platform.

As an advisor, you can seamlessly connect all of your clients’ investment accounts from across multiple financial institutions and track them all in one place with daily updates, through the partnership with Wealthica. If you have linked custodial accounts for multiple clients on Wealthica, you can group and categorize clients’ accounts on the Wealthscope advisor platform. These accounts are integrated with our investment analytics where we run a comprehensive Portfolio Scorecard, or they can be used for planning tools where you can test alternate investing scenarios.

If you are interested in learning more about Wealthscope’s advisor platform, see here. If you are a retail investor, check out the Wealthscope Power-Up on Wealthica, available for $15.95/ month or $99.95/year.

MoneyReady App

MoneyReady App is an online personal finance software for all Canadians, to manage your finances and to create and test your financial plans. It was the first third-party app to integrate with Wealthica to allow users to Connect their Wealthica account to download and update accounts and loans automatically on MoneyReady App.

Try MoneyReady now, Registration is free.