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Wealthica Update (Oct. 21, 2022): Manulife GRS, Manulife VIP Room (previously Standard Life), Tangerine, TD WebBroker and dozens of fixes

Wealthica Updates

What’s new on Wealthica this week?

  • Updated Manulife GRS connector
  • New Manulife VIP Room (previously Standard Life) connector
  • We rewrote Manulife Securities to adapt to new Mutli-Factor Security flow
  • Tangerine connector has been updated for improved stability (mixed results so far)
  • The TD WebBroker connector has been rewritten (mixed results so far)
  • Resolved Binance transactions and data issues
  • iA Private Wealth support
  • Fixed various data parsing for stocks
  • Mobile app development: new Dashboard UI, update charts, new filter menu

What we’re still working on…

  • Investigating Manulife GRS
  • Adding further features to the new BitBuy connector
  • Performance power-up bugs

Plus, Wealthica users always automatically benefit from all Crypto API features releasedby our Crypto & Web3 data partner Vezgo. This week, Vezgo released fixes for NDAX, Coinbase and major platform stability improvements.