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Wealthica Update #27: Sunlife, Fiera Capital, and more!

Hey Wealthica users!

What we fixed…

We’ve been busy fixing bugs and making updates to make your investment journey smoother than a freshly paved road. This week, we’ve resolved a major issue with Sun Life Financial where users reported their accounts were showing a value of 0. We have now resolved this, and the problem was due to Sun Life’s changes to their platform. We were able to quickly diagnose and fix it. It should be syncing normally now. Fiera Capital was another institution which had some issues this week, but we’ve fixed this issue now! Syncs are back to normal. 

Besides fixing these issues, our team has built an integration with Wise. Now you can connect your Wise account to Wealthica and take advantage of the comprehensive 360° dashboard view of your financial data.  

We fixed a few stock ticker symbol issues, and in case you have any issues with this, let us know as we are quick with resolving these type of issues.

We are continuously improving our mobile application, and new updates are coming frequently, so make sure that you are running the latest version of the app!

What we’re working on…

We are aware that RBC Bank has some issues with missing accounts from both Yodlee and Plaid. Our dev. team has started developing a Core RBC Bank connector, and it should be available for testing in 2-3 weeks! We are currently investigating a new issue with FTQ connector, and will update the Status page with all developments. Although most Scotia iTRADE accounts are syncing now, we are still working on users that have SMS 2FA methods. Users who use app-notification 2FA should be able to connect successfully.

As always, you automatically benefit from all Crypto API features released by our partner Vezgo. They just released fixes and major platform stability improvements. We’re unstoppable! (Okay, maybe just slightly stoppable, but we’re trying our best!).