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Wealthica Update #25: Wealthsimple Options, PC Financial and more!

Hey Wealthica users!

What we fixed…

We’ve been busy fixing bugs and making updates to make your investment journey smoother than a freshly paved road. This week, we continued with the fixes to improve connectivity and data quality with institutions that changed their portals. Firstly, we added support for new Wealthsimple feature – Options! This has been requested by a couple of users, and our dev. team was fast to implement it! Also, we were able to restore the PC Financial connector to a portion of the users who had issues with it. We also did some changes to the CIBC connector and added a new security type, which was implemented by CIBC. 

We fixed a few stock ticker symbol issues, and in case you have any issues with this, let us know as we are quick with resolving these type of issues.

We are continuously improving our mobile application, and new updates are coming frequently, so make sure that you are running the latest version of the app!

What we’re working on…

We’ll be publishing a new mobile application updates next week with bug fixes, as well as to bring Plaid connectors to the app.

Regarding connectors, we made some new fixes with:

  • Scotia iTRADE – some users are reporting missing accounts, which we are investigating and working on fixing asap!
  • Echelon Wealth Partners- some users are reporting connectivity issues and we are looking for users who would be willing to help us test fixes. If you would be willing to help, let us know!
  • Simplii connector – we’re testing the Plaid version of Simplii, which some users confirmed works better. Get in touch with us to try it! 

We’re also working on the highly requested dark mode on web and mobile! This should be ready to test in the next couple weeks.

As always, you automatically benefit from all Crypto API features released by our partner Vezgo. They just released fixes and major platform stability improvements. We’re unstoppable! (Okay, maybe just slightly stoppable, but we’re trying our best!).