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Wealthica Update #24: BMO InvestorLine, iA Private Wealth, Header Updates

Hey Wealthica users!

What we fixed…

We’ve been busy fixing bugs and making updates to make your investment journey smooth. This week, we were busy fixing a couple of institutions which had issues:

  • BMO InvestorLine fixed. There was a small issue with account balances, which has also been resolved. Please try fixing your credentials to re-connect.
  • Update to the header of the dashboard.
    • We’ve updated the header of the dashboard to include transactions and an updates section. The widget drawer can be accessed through the lightning icon, and the dashboard through the speedometer icon.

We fixed a few stock ticker symbol issues, and in case you have any issues with this, let us know as we are quick with resolving these type of issues.

An update to both iOS and Android apps have now been published and is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

What we’re working on…

Regarding connectors, we are currently working on:

  • Scotia iTRADE. Scotiabank has deprecated the app version we were using and our team is prioritizing the re-write for it. We are almost finished with the re-write.
  • Canada Life – support multiple plans, currently the first plan is chosen.
  • Android app – some users are reporting the app crashes when certain actions are taken on the Holdings page. We will push an update to resolve this issue shortly.

As always, you automatically benefit from all Crypto API features released by our partner Vezgo. They just released fixes and major platform stability improvements. We’re unstoppable! (Okay, maybe just slightly stoppable, but we’re trying our best!).