Press Release April 11 2023

Wealthica Now Aggregating $25B in Assets

Wealthica, the leading Financial Data Platform in Canada, now tracks over $25 billion dollars worth of assets, including stocks and bonds, real estate, crypto currencies and more on the platform.

Investors can use Wealthica’s aggregation technology to leverage their data and generate income reports, adjusted cost basis, and other relevant information about their portfolio. As tax season approaches, Wealthica offers many tools to help prepare for tax filing, including reporting investment income from multiple institutions and accurately reporting capital gains. In addition, Wealthica provides features to track finances, such as contributions to registered accounts, dividend and distribution income, and investment-related fees.

With over 65,000 users and connections to over 250 traditional financial and cryptocurrency institutions, Wealthica offers a 360 view on the dashboard for retail investors to manage their holdings across multiple institutions. The aggregation tool can be used for a variety of purposes, including tracking investment performance, succession planning, and portfolio management.

Wealthica’s General Manager, Billy Kawasaki, notes that “investors are utilizing their financial data in meaningful ways by accessing tools like the realized gains report, dividend power-up, and transaction export tools to prepare for taxes, track contributions, and plan their financial journey. By gaining a holistic view of their net worth and holdings, Wealthica users can make informed choices while remaining efficient with taxes and fees.”

The $25 billion tracked assets puts Wealthica on track on the journey to $100 billion dollars.