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Wealthica + goPeer Login! Connect FREE with goPeer.

This collaboration brings an exclusive offer to our users and an alternative to keep using Wealthica for FREE. It also enables users to connect their goPeer login with the other banks or brokerage they use.

We’re excited to announce that we’re partnering with goPeer, peer to peer lending canada, so you can get Wealthica Connect (Sync up to 3 Accounts) for FREE for one year. Thanks to goPeer, the top peer to peer lending Canada solution and Canada’s leading private credit marketplace, you get your free Connect plan by investing a minimum of $100 CAD in your new goPeer account.1

Wealthica Connect allows synchronization of up to three accounts, it is now available for FREE for an entire year using the goPeer deal. To take advantage of this exceptional opportunity, simply invest a minimum of $100 CAD in your new goPeer account. Embrace the benefits of this collaboration and elevate your financial management experience with Wealthica and goPeer.

Peer to Peer Lending Canada

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending in Canada represents a growing segment in the financial technology industry, offering an alternative to traditional banking systems for both borrowers and investors. P2P lending platforms enable individuals to lend money directly to borrowers, bypassing conventional financial institutions. This model often results in more competitive interest rates and accessible loan options for borrowers, while offering investors the potential for higher returns compared to traditional savings or investment products.

One notable player in this space is goPeer, which stands as one of the few regulated P2P lending platforms in Canada. goPeer is distinguished by its comprehensive approach, offering a wide range of loan options to borrowers and allowing investors to diversify their portfolio by lending to individuals based on creditworthiness assessments.

goPeer Login

Who is goPeer?

goPeer is Canada’s leading private credit marketplace dedicated to helping everyday Canadians to lend and borrow from each other. goPeer can offer better personal loan rates to borrowers than traditional lenders while allowing everyday

A New Fixed Income Asset Class

The unique private credit asset class provides attractive risk adjusted returns with low correlation to traditional assets, making it an excellent vehicle for portfolio diversification. It offers investors a passive income (most investors receive payouts daily) at one simple fee: a 1.5% annual servicing fee on outstanding principal, deducted from interest revenue.

96% of goPeer investors have earned positive returns, with an average net annualized return of 9%*

As of September 30th 2023

Doing More with your goPeer Login

When you connect your goPeer login to Wealthica, you unlock a more comprehensive and efficient way of managing your investments. This integration offers a holistic view of your financial portfolio, enhancing your investment strategy and decision-making process.

By linking goPeer with Wealthica, you gain access to a consolidated dashboard. This single-view platform displays all your investments, including those with goPeer, allowing for easier tracking and management. This unified view is particularly beneficial for diversification analysis and understanding your overall financial health.

Wealthica’s automation capabilities streamline the tracking of your investments. It automatically updates your portfolio’s performance, including your goPeer investments, saving you time and reducing the likelihood of errors that can occur with manual entry.

Connecting your goPeer login with Wealthica is a strategic move for a more integrated, efficient, and informed investment experience. It leverages the strengths of both platforms to provide a comprehensive view of your financial portfolio, enhanced tracking capabilities, and valuable analytical insights.

How to redeem the offer?

  • Sign up for Wealthica
  • Request your personalized goPeer signup link (contact support)
  • Follow the link to open your goPeer account
  • Invest at least $100 with goPeer1
  • goPeer will send you a code to get 100% off your Connect subscription for one year. 
  • Use the code to subscribe to Wealthica Connect
  • Connect your bank, brokerage and goPeer account to Wealthica

Who is eligible?

Users who open a new account with goPeer and; Invest a minimum of $100 through goPeer; Wealthica users who do not currently have an active subscription on Wealthica.
We are working on adding the functionality to redeem this offer within the app, in the meantime please get in touch with us at hello at, we will provide you with your personalized link to redeem the offer.

1  This special offer is subject to goPeer’s Special Offer Terms & Conditions, available on the above goPeer landing page .

*The return is calculated using an IRR (Internal Rate of Return) formula. It is the rate earned on every dollar actively invested and does not include uninvested cash. Returns are calculated net of fees, promotional credits, and late fees. Past performance is not a guide to future returns, and your capital is at risk when investing through goPeer. As you are investing in your own individual portfolio of loans, your actual return, and the actual bad debt you experience may be higher or lower than projected net returns. This data should not be relied upon to make investment decisions and is not a recommendation to purchase or trade securities. goPeer has taken reasonable care to ensure the accuracy of the calculation but it has not been verified or reviewed by an independent third party. Please reach out to a Dealing Representative registered with