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Automated Portfolio Rebalancing Coming to Wealthica, Thanks to Passiv

We are happy to announce a partnership with Canadian Fintech Startup Passiv, to automatically calculate trades and follow a target portfolio asset allocation.

Rebalance Instantly

Canadian Investors can use Passiv Lite for free within Wealthica.

Passiv List Trades

Wealthica makes it possible for self-directed investors to automatically load one’s ETF portfolio into Passiv and calculate trades needed based on the target portfolio and available cash. If you already have an ETF portfolio, give Passiv Lite a try to generate your rebalancing trades.

Wealthica + Passiv

Passiv is a Canadian Fintech startup we’ve been closely watching for some time.

We’re excited to partner with Passiv because they share our vision to empower the Canadian investor to manage their wealth for themselves. It also is an additional add-on available to all Wealthica users that extends the features and possibilities of Wealthica.

Great news for Passiv users. You can now connect your Wealthica account to Passiv to view holdings outside Passiv’s brokerage partners. This means users can get a holistic view of all their investment holdings and account for the entire portfolio when rebalancing. Learn more about the new integration and how to add your Wealthica account to Passiv here

Passiv Lite Rebalancing

Using Passiv Lite within Wealthica, investors can generate trades to rebalance a Canadian Couch Potato portfolio.

How to Successfully Invest in ETFs

If you want to lean more about how to use Passiv within Wealthica, have a look at our Do More with Passiv + Wealthica post which also gives you tips to Succeed with Canadian Couch Potato Index Investing.