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✅ TD WebBroker Account Type Issue

Wealthica Notifications

This incident should now be resolved. Please note that the update to better identify the account types are more correct now. However, it did break the historical continuity for existing users. It’s not possible to route new data to old accounts, because account type is part of the account identification and can’t be changed. The old account instances have automatically been ignored now, and the new instances are shown.

To get the historical transactions from the old account instances, users will have to unignore the now-inactive accounts by clicking on the institution name at the bottom of the main dashboard page>Account>disable the Account Ignore slider. They would see overlapping/duplicate transactions but they can be filtered out using the filters. Or they can delete the overlapping by using transaction rules

If you see a big drop/spike in your graph, you can use the Wealthica History power-up in order to correct the closing balances, guide here:

Please visit the status page for more information: