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🔥New RBC Online Banking Core Connector

Wealthica Notifications

We released a new Core connector for RBC Online Banking. You will find it in the normal connector list (search for RBC) with a “CORE” label on the right. We decided to build this online banking connector for RBC as alternatives for Yodlee and Plaid proved to be totally unreliable or incomplete.

Note that RBC Online Banking requires 2fa at each login, this means we can’t maintain a session and you will have to provide or accept a 2fa request each time you want it to sync your data.

This connector is built by our team and runs on the same technology that powers our investment connectors. Hopefully, it will provide a better experience compared with the previous connectivity options.

If you are using RBC online banking, please try it and let us know how it goes!

You can provide feedback on our Subreddit here.